Professional Experience

Front-End Web Developer @ Gravitate Design

I was hired on at Gravitate as a front-end web developer, with the responsibility of working closely with the designers and back-end developers to create fluid, easy-to-use, cross-browser compatible, responsive websites. I would ensure that the designers vision was carried over into a functioning prototype, and create a ready-to-use platform for the back-end developers to hook into with Wordpress.

All my projects were built to be as dynamic and up-to-date as possible, using the most current HTML5 and CSS3 specs. While working at Gravitate, I developed a number of Sass mixins and functions that are now a standard in their front-end development process, as well as a number of Javascript libraries.

I helped create websites for several clients, including Operation Warm, a non-profit organization that provides coats to children in need; Hawthorn, a retirement home community; Go Beyond, an organization that sends teens around the world to learn about different cultures; and many more.

Full-Stack Web Developer @ PCD Group

While working as an in-house developer for PCD Group, I was responsible for developing functional web pages with the creative directions of the design team. I worked very closely with the design team to ensure that their vision was able to translate well to a working website. While working with PCD Group, I had the opportunity to develop websites for many great companies, such as Citi Bank, TIAA Cref, and Women & Co.

Freelance Developer @ Self Employed

As a freelance designer and developer for most of my professional life, I try to focus on helping small businesses get up and running with a well designed website at a reasonable price. I’ve worked with a lot of small business owners over the years, helping them craft the online presence for their businesses, along with a few larger clients, like DJO Global and Hypolite.

Lead Web Engineer @ Highway Products, Inc.

Highway Products is an international aluminum manufacturing company based out of Southern Oregon, manufacturing everything from toolboxes and gun cases, to cab guards and drift boats. They hired me on as their lead developer to help completely redesign their online presence across multiple websites, and to manage their online database of products. Completely starting from scratch, I redesigned the data structure for their existing SQL Database, rebuilt their main website using a custom-built PHP framework and CMS, added responsiveness to the site to drive more mobile customers, and completely reworked their SEO and online marketing / social media.

Contract Designer @ Rogue Print Shop

My first professional gig after moving to Oregon from San Diego, I worked as an in-house graphic designer and web designer for a local print shop. A large portion of my job consisted of working very closely with our customers to ensure that we created designs and websites to match their personal needs in a timely fashion. While working at Rogue Print Shop, I had a lot of great opportunities to help the local community and other small businesses, leading me to continue doing the same thing in my freelance career.

Client Testimonials

Paulette Carter CEO and CCO @ PCD Group

Sebastian is a very strong front-end developer, especially with CSS and page layout and with "newer style" front-end approaches that work well with modern browsers. We found Sebastian to be an asset to our team and he proved to have a good eye for the design aspects of front-end development. He was also able to build JavaScript from scratch and enjoyed learning new techniques. Sebastian proved resourceful in being able to work his way through issues related to responsive design.

Justin Keener SQL Server DBA @ Peak 15 Systems

I hired Sebastian to create a logo and design for a blog site that I was working on. I've done plenty of web and graphic design myself but it's not my talent, which is why I hired him. I'm very picky about visual design and what he came up with completely exceeded my expectations. He handled some tricky CSS and Wordpress customizations to create a polished and cohesive look and brand.

Vision Excel IT Consulting services

We loved to work with Sebastian, he has a really proactive attitude, he pointed out a design issue we didn't even noticed when we handed out the job to him. He went the extra mile to deliver a great result.

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Work Skills



UX / UI Design

PHP / WordPress

SQL Databases


Version Control

SEO / Marketing


CoC @ An Event Apart

I attended the 2013 Web Design conference hosted by An Event Apart in San Diego, where I received a Certificate of Completion.

AAS @ Coleman University

For 2+ years, I studied graphic design and mixed media at Coleman University in San Diego, where I graduated with an Associates Degree in 2012.

Volunteer Experience

Guest Speaker @ PDX Coders Guild

I was invited to be a guest speaker at PDX Code Guild to discuss some Javascript optimization techniques with one of their advanced classes. I put together an hour long lecture about some best practices to keep in mind when developing efficient code.

Work Examples